Business as a force for good.

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Responsible business underpins and overarches everything we do.It’s our commitment to business as a force for good benefitting all our stakeholders, and the golden thread through our strategic pillars, our operations, our ways of working and our services.

We give back

raised for Maggie’s cancer support in 2022


pro bono hours in 2022


Our 12 pledges were launched in 2017. They are a series of promises and commitments to our partners, our community and the environment. They are a visible and integral part of our culture each driven and brought to life by our partners.

We look after the whole you

Mental health champions and ongoing promotion of related events and resources

An open and
rewarding culture

Number pulse surveys
Number partner voice sessions
Number Board presentations to EXCO

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2022 Online Annual Report

We are a
b corp.

In September 2022 we became a Certified B Corporation. B Corps are businesses balancing profit with purpose, committed to transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet.

B Corporation
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Emperor's score

How is our score calculated?
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Median score

80 points needed to qualify for B Corp

Driving an ambitious sustainability programmeWe are taking action to reduce carbon emissions, build an impactful supply chain and shape a resilient client base.

avoid. reduce. rethink. restore. offset.

  • Avoiding carbon emissions: Cycle Club

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  • Restoring our environment:
    The Big Spring Plant

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  • Reduce: Our commitment to science-based targets (SBTi)

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reduction of Scope 1 emissions* due to moving from offices with gas supplies


reduction in Scope 2 emissions due to transitioning to renewable tariffs

Resilient clients &

We believe in positive partnerships. Our clients and the products & services we buy are part of a chain that links us to the world. This reflects who we are and what matters to us. Our vision is to be part of a chain that’s as ambitiously responsible as we aspire to be.

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Impactful Supply chain.

Learn more at our 2022 Online Annual Report

Being inclusive.

We have a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business. This year we launched our first inclusion survey to help shape our people strategy. Other initiatives have included allyship workshops, a partnership with a disability consultancy, and Serendipity - our networking event for women in our industry.

Public appearance

We endeavour to be a responsible business.

Read more about how we’re doing in sections of our 2022 Annual Report below:

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